10 Handy Cooking Tips

Today I share 10 handy cooking tips with you. Because we don’t want to be difficult in the kitchen. And with these cooking tips I will help you on your way. You may already know a few, but hopefully it will help you. They are very diverse cooking tips, there is no logical order or distribution. Just some tips that make it easier for you. Do you have a handy tip yourself? Leave it in the comments. I also learn from that.

Wet the
baking paper before putting the baking paper in the form; it is useful to wet the paper first under the tap. Make a plug out of the baking paper and keep it under the tap. Just squeeze and you can cover your shape. Wet baking paper is easier to shape into the baking tin.

Getting garlic smell from your hands
Everyone knows this problem. After peeling and cutting the garlic you are left with stinking hands for days. And I know a trick how to get rid of it. After washing, rub your hands over stainless steel, for example the tap. And the garlic odor is gone. It works! I myself have a stainless steel fish from the Dill & Chamomile. After peeling the garlic, I rub my hands over it and I have no problems anymore.

DIY vanilla sugar or extract
Never throw away your vanilla pods. Sin! Put them in the sugar bowl for homemade vanilla sugar or put them in a bottle of vodka for vanilla extract.

Freezing ginger
Did you know that you can freeze ginger? Grate the frozen ginger over your dish and put the rest back in the freezer. You can do this for weeks with your fresh ginger root.

the blender Do you always find it a hassle to clean your kitchen machines? You can easily clean a blender with a drop of detergent and a liter of water. Turn on the blender for about 20 seconds and then rinse the blender.

No waste
Do you have leftover pasta, rice, Bulgar or couscous left over? Don’t throw it away. Make a tasty salad with it the next day. Have a nice lunch dish again immediately.

 Fresh egg check
Do you want to make sure your egg is fresh? Place the egg in a bowl of salted water. A fresh egg remains on the bottom of the bowl. The older the egg, the more it floats to the surface.

Storing fresh herbs
Do you want to enjoy your fresh herbs for longer? Pack your fresh herbs in a piece of kitchen paper that you have moistened a little beforehand under the tap. This way your herbs will stay nice and fresh in the fridge. Another way is to pour the fresh herbs with some olive oil in an ice cube form and freeze them. As soon as the herbs need, you can put the herb cube in the pan. Useful!

 Removing a piece of eggshell
Oh, this happens to me regularly. I break an egg above the pan or batter bowl and it will come with a piece of eggshell. Do you know how you can easily remove this? By fishing the piece from the dish or batter with half an eggshell. Works great!

Coffee beans
An opened bag of coffee beans loses its taste and aroma over time. Therefore, keep the coffee beans in the freezer. This way they stay fresh and have a good taste for longer.



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