For one person, a stew without a hit is unthinkable, while others prefer to add a contemporary twist. No matter how you get used to it, the stew is a classic that has helped us through quite a few harsh winters. But how do you make the tastiest? With these 11 tips, you can put the most delicious stew on the table.

  1. Always add warm (!) Milk

 To make your stew extra creamy, you can add a knob of butter and a dash of milk. Make sure that the milk is warm. The same applies to mashed potatoes: if you mix it with cold milk, your dish can get a gluey texture. You will always be fine with warm milk: a creamy puree or stew will be your part. And what’s more, it stays nice and warm.

Heat the milk briefly in a pan, in the microwave or pour it on the side of the stew in the still-hot pan and let it warm briefly there before you mix it in the dish.

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  1. Add a pinch of nutmeg

Salt & pepper are the golden duos for any stew, but nutmeg also fits well with the stew. Mix it last with the stew, together with salt and pepper.

  1. Or an apple

Apple and carrot are close friends in terms of taste combinations. Moreover, apple can just add a little freshness to your stew. So feel free to stamp a peeled apple (in pieces). We recommend Elstar, but it is also possible with other apple varieties.

  1. Consider the relationships

Do you want to put together your own stew and wonder what proportions you should keep for the ingredients? Use about 1 kilo of carrots and 750 grams of onions on 1.5 kilos of potatoes.

  1. Fry the onions briefly

Not a fan of the cooked onion that usually goes into a stew? Then you just bake them, right? Fry the onions in advance in a little oil on low heat, ensuring that they are nice and sweet. You can even fry the carrots if you want. Yvette van Boven shows it in this article.

  1. Use rainbow carrots

Another tip from Yvette: you get an extra cozy stew if you replace all those orange carrots with rainbow carrots. At least as tasty, but just a little more exciting to see. Especially a nice tip to get children to the stew. Call it rainbow stew.

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  1. Dry steaming

An important step in making stew (and other stews), which is not always included in the recipe: steam drying the potatoes. This step is important to prevent you from getting too wet (watery) stew.

This is how it works: after cooking, drain the potatoes. Then put them back in the empty pan and turn the heat on under the pan. Let the potatoes dry in a few seconds. Meanwhile, shake the pan a little. This way you get a nice, dry, floury potato. And so a wonderful stew.

  1. Replace the potatoes

Fancy a twist? Replace the potatoes in your stew with sweet potatoes. Or by pumpkin. Or celeriac, or parsnip. As long as carrots & onions are in a stew, it remains a stew. Although of course there is no stew law that prescribes what is and what is not allowed. Imagine.

Did you know that stew was traditionally made without potatoes? It consisted of parsnip, carrot and, onion.

For example, make this stew with pumpkin

  1. Meat: beef or smoked sausage?

For some people, stew is not complete without beef, but with a smoked sausage or fried bacon you will be ready a lot faster. Also tasty: bacon and a dimple of gravy. We also like to bake some chorizo ​​cubes and scoop them together with spicy sambal gravy on the stew.

  1. Do you prefer Vega stew?

Leave the meat polonaise nice and go for goat cheese and pecans. Score a good vegetarian smoked sausage (for example that of the Vegetarian Butcher) or vegetarian meatballs. Or bake some hazelnuts until they are golden brown and fragrant.

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  1. Jus: the icing on the cake

If you make a stew without beef or stew, it is nice to add a nice gravy. That gives some extra smoothness to your stew – and of course taste.

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