A patch of green here and there unconsciously triggers a lot. Are you ready to make some adjustments in your life here and there and make the world a lot more beautiful? Then let’s get started quickly!

Living green = happy you

Whether you are just starting to think more environmentally conscious or if you have been doing this for a while, it will certainly contribute to your happiness. Living green means more contact with your environment, more contact with nature, and less materialism. And yes, less stuff makes you happier.

  1. Buy locally and shop for local products. Go shopping at the greengrocer around the corner and pick up seasonal items (such as seasonal vegetables and seasonal fruit ). Local shops are good for the middle class and local products need to travel less than, for example, kiwis from New Zealand and Uggs from Australia.
  2. Eat as much organic food as possible. Organic companies do not use pesticides and use more than 50% less energy than traditional companies. And really, organic oranges are much (really much) better than sprayed oranges.
  3. Stop ready for meals. Fresh food may take a little longer to prepare, but it is much better. You use less packaging and you don’t have the chance that your lasagna suddenly contains horse meat (I say: food scandal).
  4. Separate your waste. Provide a few extra boxes in the shed to separate plastic in addition to the paper and cardboard. In every neighborhood, you can find such a beautiful plastic box, where you can bring your plastic waste.
  5. Reduce your amount of waste. Do not take plastic bags in the store (bring this yourself), buy products with as little packaging as possible (on the market for example). For example, make your detergent, except for a block of sunlight soap and some soda, you don’t need anything. So no packaging either.
  6. Clothing exchange. Are you done with your high pumps or with your gray sweater? Ask a friend and see if you can make this person happy and if he or she has something in the closet that you can have.
  7. Cut your meat consumption in half and add extra vegetables to the dish. You can also make a tasty stir-fry dish with egg instead of meat to get enough protein.
  8. Earn money with useless products. Do you have a double toaster in your house or an ugly lamp in the attic (recognizable!) That you can make someone else happy with? See if you can put it away for a nice price on the marketplace or make someone else happy with it.
  9. Do not throw away rotten fruit. Cut off the rotten spots and throw them in the blender to make a delicious healthy smoothie.
  10. Go on holiday at small-scale spots. In addition to the personal welcome and beautiful surroundings, you can also enjoy delicious dishes using local ingredients.
  11. Go for a run outdoors after work. The ideal way to get rid of everything from that busy working day.
  12. Inspire your environment. Tell what green changes you have made to your friends and family and inspire them by thinking about this.
Maria Elenas, a busy mom with 2 young kids, lover of books, travel and great food. Cooking from scratch as simply as possible. Writer, Blogger and Photographer.
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