Tired of carrying around to the container? Then quickly read our tips for producing less waste. Less waste is not only good for your bank account – but nature will also be eternally grateful to you.

Bye-bye waste – straight to the bin

Every year, 360 kilos of waste per person is thrown away in the Netherlands. That is very much and not always necessary.

In 40 years, the amount of waste per inhabitant in Europe has doubled and the amount of waste per person per year is still growing by 1 to 2 percent. This large amount of waste is caused by the number of products that we only use a few times today.

Not only the production and use of these unsustainable products generate a lot of waste, transport, and distribution also generate a lot of extra waste. That is why we think, that can be done differently.

Help nature and ultimately yourself

The sustainable breaking down of waste takes a lot of time and effort. This often involves chemical processes that are extremely bad for Mother Nature. Sometimes waste is not even broken down at all and is thrown into nature.

What also happens sometimes: a large pit is dug and the waste is thrown in it. You will think about sand, but unfortunately, that does not apply here. The waste pollutes the soil and therefore crops can no longer grow in that area. Trees and plants die and this piece of nature becomes worthless. Enough reasons to ensure that you start producing less waste – hence our 18 practical tips below.

18 fewer waste tips:

  1. Avoid disposable products. That may seem easy, but all that plastic produces a lot of (unnecessary!) Waste.
  2. Do not throw away your old clothes, but give it a second life. Thrift shops or clothes bins for children in third world countries will thank you.
  3. Is something broken? Do not throw it away immediately, but have it repaired (for example, a shoe sole).
  4. Buy rechargeable batteries. Batteries are chemical waste and difficult to break down. Rechargeable batteries are also cheaper in the long run.
  5. Place a no-no sticker on the letterbox, nowadays news and advertising brochures can be viewed directly online.
  6. Put fruit and vegetables separately in your basket in the supermarket. The thin plastic bags are just more waste.
  7. Use a bar of soap instead of a shower gel from a bottle. This produces less plastic waste.
  8. Simple but effective – replace all lamps in the house with LED lamps. Earlier, an article appeared about how much you can save with this.
  9. Drink tap water instead of bottled water.
  10. Don’t buy too much fresh food at once that you almost don’t know you’re going to eat. This is the smallest chance that you have to throw away products that you have not used and are therefore rotten. Also, read these tips to use your leftovers.
  11. Doing odd jobs? Then rent equipment instead of purchasing it or check out a service where you share your tools with another (such as Peerby).
  12. Print double-sided instead of everything on a single sheet. That saves half less paper.
  13. Where possible, buy refill packs instead of always a new product.
  14. Do you travel a lot? Fill your thermos with coffee or tea instead of always filling disposable cups at the kiosk.
  15. Think before you buy it. Do I need the product or does it end up in the closet (and eventually in the trash)?
  16. Take your bag to the supermarket instead of always buying a plastic bag.
  17. Reuse gift wrap – or wrap presents in old newspapers or magazines.
  18. Put your lunch in a plastic drum instead of an aluminum foil or a sandwich bag.

Do you have any useful and smart tips to drastically reduce your waste? Be sure to leave a comment. 🙂

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