Prevent food waste by knowing what you have in your home. We throw away 40 kg of food per person per year. Maybe unconsciously, but a real shame. In this article, I share my 4 ways to avoid food waste.

Needless to waste food

As far as I am concerned, too much food is still thrown away. Every year, about 13% of all our food disappears in the clicker – that is 40 kilos per person. Besides the money you can save with this, it is, of course, a great waste of food production to waste so much food.

When I look back on my childhood my parents threw away quite a bit of food here and there. Not necessarily the dinner or fresh products that were in the fridge (that all went up – by ourselves a day later or by the dogs 😛🐶), but more the longer-lasting products. Such as rice, sauces, or cans with beans that were dusted in the cupboard. It was forgotten and once in a while I would search for my mother’s pantry and whine that there were many products over the date. A real waste of all that waste.

I have always been conscious and unconscious about preventing food waste. In this green tip, I also share my 4 ways how I avoid food waste.

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1. Make soup from leftovers

You really don’t have to be a star in the kitchen to make soup. Making soup can hardly go wrong. So do you have any leftovers in the fridge – or a can of beans or lentils that are running out? Then make a delicious soup. In addition to the new flavors you will gain, you will save the almost wasted vegetables from their doom to the waste bin.

This is how you make a tasty soup in short:

  • Finely chop leftovers.
  • Fry them in a stockpot together with some garlic, onion, and the necessary spices (cumin and turmeric).
  • Pour in a liter of vegetable stock.
  • Let the soup simmer for a quarter of an hour and puree the soup until smooth.
  • Taste whether the soup is flavored and add some salt and pepper if necessary.

2. Store and freeze leftovers

Frequently heard reason why people do not keep their leftovers: “I don’t want the same food tomorrow as I do today?”. Why not? 🤷‍♂️

Since I live on my own I keep all my leftovers. Have I cooked too much? Then I divide the leftovers over one or more containers and keep them in the fridge or freezer for a later moment. The idea is simply that you always eat something tasty, which makes you want to eat the same meal again quickly. It also saves you a lot of time in the kitchen.

Make your own frozen meals – and share them with others. In other words, organize a frozen party – swap some dishes that you still have in the freezer with others. Super fun to gain new flavors and dishes. 🤗

3. Vegetables on bread

Is there still a sweet pepper, cucumber, tomato or another vegetable in a corner? Then cut it into slices or strips and cover your sandwich with it. Spread a sandwich with a layer of hummus, cheese slices, or other spread and cover the sandwich with the vegetable slices. A simple way to prepare your vegetables and to get the necessary vegetables for the day.

Also tasty:

  • do you have a can of beans with an expiration date? Then make it a spread. Like my hummus recipe – but you can substitute chickpeas for any type of bean.
  • Do you have soft fruit? Together with some vegetable milk and a handful of spinach you can make a nice smoothie.

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4. Plan meals in advance

I’m a big fan of meal prepping – okay I don’t do this enough yet – but you can avoid so much time, money, and food waste.

For a few weeks, I plan with Jelle what we want to eat roughly the next week. Jake will stick to Nutrilon for now and a spoonful of cooked vegetables every now and then, but we want a bit more variety.

We order groceries online and occasionally we still go to the supermarket ourselves. Because we have a weekly schedule, we don’t have to think about what we want to eat during the week. It really saves us a lot of money and time. No more food waste, because we eat everything we ordered.

These are my ways to avoid food waste. In these ways, I really manage to throw away a minimal amount of food.

What about you? Do you feel you throw away a lot of food? And if you still have food in your fridge or pantry that runs into the shelf life, but you have no idea what to do with it. Leave your comment below and let’s inspire each other. 💛🌮

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