By cleverly organizing your household you can save a lot of time at home. And you can spend this time on nicer things. Today we have 5 tips for a smart household!

Save time by doing your household smart

How? That is a question we continuously ask ourselves to do the housework smartly. After all, there are more fun chores to be done than doing household chores. A smart household helps you with this. For example, I prefer to work in the garden or I prefer to meet up with friends.

By getting started with the tips below, you will find that you can save a lot of time at home by tackling certain tasks just a bit smarter.

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1. Keep the momentum going

You save time at home by, among other things, combining household tasks. For example, you can already go through your house with a vacuum cleaner during cooking or put laundry in the washing machine while you let the anti-scale absorb into the glass shower wall.

With a little speed plus combining household tasks, you save a lot of time in the household. Don’t hesitate to tackle certain tasks, but get started. The sooner you are ready and you have time for other things.

2. Use household schedule

Using a household schedule is ideal.  Especially in the beginning if you want to teach yourself this new habit, it is wise to use a household schedule.

With a household schedule, you save a lot of time because you know exactly in which order it is best to clean your house. Also, tasks are forgotten. Here you can download the free household schedule.

3. Live according to Clean As You Go

The Clean As You Go method is widely used in our home. It ensures that dirty cups or glasses no longer roam the house. Or that the countertop remains full of breadcrumbs.

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The idea is simple:

wipe the breadcrumbs off the counter after you’ve finished your sandwich (or use a plate). After you have finished your coffee, put a dirty cup in the dishwasher. Apply Clean As You Go for a smart household, so your house stays clean and tidy for longer.

4. Hand over the work

In my case, a smart household means that you hand over thingsAs you probably know, I love robots that do the job.

You can also do it smarter by letting the cleaner do the work. Spray the tiles in the bathroom with a cleaning agent and let it soak in for fifteen minutes. In the meantime, the deposit on the tiles will loosen and you can clean other things in the meantime.

Or just watch a series on Netflix – of course, you can. Pause your series halfway through and clean the bathroom tiles with a scouring pad. The attack disappears like snow in the sun.

5. Apply the 5-minute rule for a smart household

When applying the 5-minute rule, you promise to spend only 5 minutes on a (household) job. You’re going to sabotage yourself a little bit because those five minutes are over in no time. And since you have already started the task, it is much less difficult to continue and finish the task.

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