A poorly insulated house can cost up to $ 1,100 extra per year in energy. By insulating your house well you can achieve a lot of profit here – both with older and newer houses. Check out my 5 tips that you can do yourself to insulate your house better and to be warmer.

Get started yourself for warmer feet and a lower energy bill

Insulating at your house you probably think that a contractor should come by to tackle poorly insulated places in the house. This is often the case – think of replacing single glazing to high-efficiency glass or insulating your sloping roof. Yet you can do more than you think.

Do the following 5 tips every day for the next few days, so that you can feel warm and comfortable in the evening.

1. Placing weather strips

On a cold day, run your hands along the edges of the front door and frames and feel for a lot of drafts coming through. Do you feel a lot of wind? Then buy a roll of weather strips from the hardware store and stick the weather strips on the places where you feel the draft.

Weatherstrips are easy and quick to install and cost a fraction of the money you spend on extra energy every year. Last winter I placed a weatherstrip around the edges at the front door and since then it has been a lot less fresh here.

I find this picture of Milieu Centraal interesting. Here you can see roughly how much you can save if you go from no insulation at all to complete insulation.

2. Tackle garage or utility room

Is the garage (or pantry) directly attached to your home? Then check how much wind enters the room unnoticed here. Insulating the garage or utility room may keep you off the street for a few hours, but adding draft strips to the windows and doors and draft brushes under the door will save a lot of gusts of wind along your feet.

3. Bring fresh air into your home to get warmer

It sounds contradictory, but by properly ventilating your house every day you ensure that your house gets warm faster. Open the ventilation grids and ensure that fresh air enters your home every day. This air is drier than most air in the house (just check the humidity in the house) – and drier air in the house is easier to heat than damp air.

4. Attach the radiator foil behind the heater

An easy tip to prevent cold is to stick radiator foil behind the radiator. Radiator foil is reflective and by placing it behind the radiators, the heat is reflected in the room instead of the walls.

It is also not wise to place a sofa, chair, or curtains in front of a radiator. Radiator heat is retained here – keep radiators as free from furniture as possible so that the heat can make the room warm.

5. Request a quote for solar panels

Well – this is probably a tip that will not give you immediate results in the short term (only an empty bank account), but since we have 6 solar panels on our roof, we hardly pay for electricity anymore. Of course, we still pay for gas costs, but these are compensated through the energy supplier to which we are affiliated.

Anyway – installing solar panels will yield immediate results in addition to the one-off purchase. Your monthly expenses are getting lower and I caught myself that I have also become more economical with other energy sneaks in the house. All in all a win-win situation.

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