Your bedroom is the place in the house where you spend the most time. It makes sense that it doesn’t smell so fresh now and then. Check out our handy tips to cover up the musty smell in your bedroom.

1. Musty smelling bedding?

No matter how nice a freshly made bed is, sometimes it happens to change your bed linen regularly. There is a lot of uncertainty about how often you should change the bed linen. I like to change my bed linen every week or every other week.

Is it very hot at night or are you sick? Then you will have to do this more often. If you leave your bed linen for more than two weeks, it can cause a musty smell in your bedroom. Every night you have direct contact with your skin on the sheets, so it is not surprising that a musty smell can arise. Besides, you sweat a lot – especially in the summer – when you are in bed.

So change your bedding regularly. And say it yourself, there is nothing nicer and more relaxing than sleeping under freshly laundered sheets?

2. Stale air vs. fresh air

Ventilation – we can’t talk about it often enough. Not only in the bedroom, but the entire house must be well ventilated.

Because you spend quite a few hours in the bedroom, a steady stream of fresh, new oxygen must be supplied. The easiest way to do this is to open your window at night.

Do you find it too cold to open your window at night? Then you can choose to leave the window open during the day or to purchase a good ventilation system. You can also keep the door of your bedroom open at night so that the air can circulate properly.

3. Wardrobe troubles

Many bedrooms now also store their clothes. You can do this in a closed cupboard, but you can also see a rack with clothes on hangers.

While this is easy and often beautiful, it can also leave a musty smell in your bedroom. You have of course worn the clothes all day, so a slight body odor or sweat odor is sometimes unavoidable.

It is, therefore, best to hang clothes that you do not want to wash every time after wearing (such as a jacket or wool sweater) before you hang them back in the closet or on the rack. This way the worst odor is gone and you don’t take the musty smell with you in your bedroom.

4. Air fresheners in your bedroom

Although it is better to prevent a musty color, it is sometimes necessary to cure this odor proverbially. There are several air fresheners on the market, but many of them have an artificial fragrance – yuck.

Because you spend all night in the bedroom and so breathe in these fragrances all night, it is not beneficial to your health. So go to work yourself to make a nice air freshener.

You can do this by, for example:

  • drop a fresh bunch of flowers
  • to make a scented sachet from dried flowers and/or herbs
  • or by putting lemon wedges with cloves – this gives off little odor but attracts bad smell.

Unto do – and a lot cheaper too.

5. Plants as a natural cleansing

In an earlier article, we wrote about the importance of plants and other greenery in your home, but even with musty air, plants can become your BFF. Due to the oxygen-cleaning effect of plants, the air in your bedroom is automatically refreshed. You breathe a fresh, clean, and above all oxygen-rich airA real must to convert that musty fragrance in your bedroom into freshness.

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