Minimize at home

5 Tips To Start Minimizing At Home Now

Are you struggling to put things away at home? Then these 5 tips are your handles to start minimizing at home now. Experience how fantastic a life with less stuff is!

Minimize at home

Minimizing seems a bit of now. A blog like The Minimalist Baker (she cooks with up to 5 ingredients) is extremely popular, Marie Kondo‘s book Opgeruimd by Marie Kondo is a worldwide bestseller and chicken also attracts many visitors every day who are looking to simplify their lives.

Okay, so minimize. What makes it so that you can enjoy less stuff? – Living with less stuff mainly makes you a lot freer and your life more fun. Think how nice it is if you:

  • No more tempted by spectacular offers that you really should not miss
  • No more searching through all the papers for your last payslip
  • You no longer have to struggle through 35 t-shirts looking for that one shirt you’ve been looking for for months
  • No more unnecessary apps on your smartphone
  • Left with money for new experiences – go on an adventure, meet inspiring people and the most beautiful places in the world.

Living with less stuff makes your life easier and therefore a lot clearer and more pleasant to live in. By minimizing in your home you create lightness, freedom and it saves you a lot of stress and money. Take your minimization step by step, it doesn’t have to happen in one day.

1. Become aware of your buying behavior

Consider what you buy, without realizing it. It is often unbelievable how often you buy something because it happens to be on sale and it is lying in the closet to catch dust.

Now and then I let myself be tempted to such an offer, but the no-no sticker on our front door shows that my purchasing behavior (mainly from impulse purchases) has dropped to a minimum in recent years. In the supermarket, I sometimes buy two packs of coffee (because they happen to be on sale), and sometimes at a shop like Ikea you end up with a little more in your cart than you would like. But I still believe that I have mastered minimizing quite a bit because with every potential purchase I wonder if this will make me happier. That helps a lot.

2. Stop buying new things

Don’t go bargain hunting for more glitter dresses, shoes, and home decoration. Impose yourself not to buy new things for a few weeks. Just buy nothing new at all and then evaluate what you thought of it. Nice feeling? Exactly, I think so now.

Just for the record: in our house are just stuff, still enough stuff. But I think that we have now sold more than half of all our stuff (except for the furniture) via Marktplaats, given it to friends/family or the thrift store. And yes, the waste container has also had to endure.

3. Advantages of minimizing at home

It’s fantastic that you also want to have that chaos at home. No more unnecessary mess in the house, no more incentives to buy new stuff. Do you want even more advantages as to why a tidy house is so very pleasant?

  • Consider all the money you have left from the purchases you no longer make
  • Minimalism saves time. Of course not, in the beginning, you must first have it lined up for yourself. Ultimately, a tidy house saves you a lot of time.
  • Choice stress – what should I wear today? Choosing from 35 t-shirts or a quarter of these makes your choice a lot easier.
  • More relaxed – you feel more relaxed when you live in a tidy house.
  • By living with less stuff at home, you may have a whole room left at home. That might give you an idea to live smaller.
  • More space to maneuver through your house and therefore more peace of mind.

4. How do you start cleaning up at home?

So start cleaning up your house now. Work per room and make three stacks for each room:

Stack 1 – No doubt about the possible stack, the I-want-to-keep-stack.
Stack 2 – Doubt case stack, after 5 minutes you can think of no reason why you want to keep it, then move it to the disposable stack.
Stack 3 – Get rid of the stack, 100% sure you want to get rid of it.

And now?

After you have made a strict selection of the items you want to keep, you can place these items in the house again. All other items can be sold, disposed of, or taken to a waste collection station in your hometown.

It can be overwhelming to want to minimize an entire room in the house in one afternoon. Divide the tasks over several days or half days. So take an afternoon to pick out the stuff in the attic and put all salable stuff on Marktplaats the next afternoon.

5. The usefulness of owning less stuff

Know that minimizing takes time. Your house isn’t cut in half overnight unless you rent a bulldozer. Allow yourself time and start per room to free yourself from all that unnecessary crap in the house.

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