Setting up a small room can sometimes be quite difficult because you do not have much space. However, a few square meters need not be an obstacle for a tidy and cozy house. Today we give five useful tips to decorate a small house.

1. Basic furniture in your interior

In every house, it is important that the furniture fits well within the space. In a small space, the size of the furniture is completely important. Many small items are often cluttered, while a few large pieces of furniture are again very solid.

Match the size of the basic furniture such as a bookcase, sofa, and dining table with space. Choose the object that is most important to you, for example, a nice comfy sofa, and build the other furniture around it. This way you can estimate how much space you have left.

2. Apply minimalism in the small space

The minimalist trend from Scandinavia is a big hit in the interior country and ideal for a house with little space. The light colors and natural materials give you a very serene interior.

What is also striking about this interior style is that few things and junk are visible. Everyone has personal items, of course. Soaking these items away in baskets, behind doors or in drawers will no longer distract small items. This gives you a less oppressive feeling in the small space.

3. Set up a small space with sufficient light

You want to make a small space look as big as possibleThe most important tip we can give you is ‘provide enough light’.

By not turning your house into a dark cave, but into a light and airy house, you get a much more spacious feeling in the house. You can achieve this in different ways: for example, do not opt ​​for dark wall color, but for white or a pastel color. Also, do not take too dark, thick curtains, but choose light-colored and translucent window coverings.

In addition, you can make a house look more spacious by choosing a light floor.

4. Secret spots when decorating

The biggest stumbling block in a small house is storage space. You always have too much stuff and in a small house, it is even more difficult to store. Therefore, find the secret spots in your house.

This can be, for example, under the sofa or bed: you can put a lot underneath in low plastic rollers. You can also place baskets with all kinds of other items on top of clothing or bookcase, which is also nice. And also use the height. In a storage room, you can hang shelves up to the ceiling and put all kinds of stuff there, so you really use every square meter of your home.

5. Furniture has a double function

Unfortunately, you don’t have much space, so you will have to be a little creative with the space you have. A good tip I would like to give you is to use certain pieces of furniture for a double function. For example, a dining table is a perfect workplace, especially if you add a nice office chair to it.

In the kitchen, you can possibly make a bar in the kitchen, which also creates an extra dining space. In a wardrobe, you can also store shoes, bags, and coats perfectly. The laundry room can also serve as a pantry at the same time.

Those who are a little creative can live wonderfully in just a few square meters. How big do you live? Would you like to live smaller?

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