You will see the most beautiful interiors in various living magazines and on blogs. The trend of the moment is to furnish your home as minimalist as possible. Not only beautiful, but it also brings household benefits.

Advantages of a minimalist house

  1. Cleaning is much faster. Because you only have a few large pieces of furniture and the accessories are limited, you don’t have to pick up every little thing. In a few movements, your living room is spotlessly clean again.
  2. Minimalism is cheaper: because you need a lot less stuff, you have to buy a lot less stuff. Do you have a lot of furniture left after a minimalist interior? Make someone else happy and/or sell them on the internet and earn some extra money.
  3. Do you and your partner have a completely different taste in furniture? A minimalist design makes this problem much smaller because you only have to find a compromise for a few items.
  4. By putting a few items in your living spaces, your interior gets a tidy and orderly appearance.
  5. Speaking of tidying up: Since you have a lot less stuff, this household chore is also done in no time.
  6. The furniture that is there comes into it’s own much better because it immediately catches the eye.

Okay, the benefits are clear. But how do you do that, such a minimalist interior?

How do you start minimizing?

Try to start at the beginning. Choose the furniture from your current interior that you want to keep and do the rest. Don’t think about it too long and get these items out the door right away. This is especially true for home accessories. Ten different vases are fun, but what should you do with them? Come on, bring that superfluous stuff to the recycling center or make someone else in your area happy with it.

Choose quality

Because your current interior is probably not fully equipped with the minimalist pieces that you like, shopping has to be done. No problem of course. Go shopping for a few hours at your favorite furniture store and make it a fun day.

Always try to keep the minimalistic result in mind. You can do this by bringing a mood board. With everything you want to purchase, you decide whether this fits within the theme of your mood board. Try not to buy too much: the basis of a minimalist interior is just as little stuff as possible.

Move around with that furniture

Once all the furniture is in, it starts to get fun: space is decorated. In a minimalist interior, large pieces of furniture such as the sofa, cupboard, or table (depending on the space) are the basis. You will place the other smaller furniture around this.

Home accessories come last. These brighten up the room, but should certainly not attract all the attention. After all, accessories are details.

Minimize at homestay may focus

Your minimalist decor is successful! Everything is in the right place and you are satisfied with the result. But how do you keep your interior so simple? First, try not to buy too many new things for your home and always have more things going out of your house than entering them. As tempting as it is!

Do you end up buying something new? Then be strict and also dispose of an item. Besides, you can store all things and loose things in a cupboard, box, or storage box. After all, small items divert attention from your minimalist interior.

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