Today there are all kinds of exotic fruits and vegetables for sale. Very tasty, but not always good for the environment. It is good to cook more often with local products. Local food – how do you do it the easy way?

1. Buy food more often from the farmer

In the somewhat smaller villages, you can often find farms with a small shop where you can get delicious fresh products from their own country. The farmer in question sells his fruit and vegetables directly at home, so you can’t get fresher. Also in cities, you see more and more companies that sell local products.

Because you mainly eat seasonal vegetables in this way, you can sometimes miss the variety. I always find that an extra challenge to prepare different dishes with the same vegetables.

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2. The vegetable bag

If you are short on time or would like to choose a tasty, easy meal, the organic vegetable bag is the solution. You choose the amount and combinations – only vegetables or fruit or a combination. Once a week you pick up the bag at the organic supermarket or another collection point.

Some companies where you can buy this:

  • Odin – probably one of the best known
  • Beebox – already talked about in our comparison with all meal boxes on the market
  • Ecorevolte – In The Hague and surroundings you can get a rejected organic fruit and vegetable package for only 10 euros (5-6 kg)

The products are almost always grown organically and locally. You will also come into contact with special – sometimes even forgotten – vegetables. This way you will immediately be introduced to new flavors.

3. Get started yourself

Of course, you can do what the farmers can do. Growing bananas or pears may be a bit difficult if you do not have a large garden, but you can harvest tomatoes, cucumbers, figs, and courgettes yourself.

Growing strawberries and other berries in your garden are going very well. You do need some time and patience, but then you know where your products come from. Your garden also brightens up.

4. More than just fruit and vegetables

You can not only buy fresh products such as fruit and vegetables from the maker (in the case of the farmer). No, you can also try to buy other products such as flour, bread, and meat as locally as possible. At the mill near you, bags of flour and flour are often sold and several butchers buy meat directly from a local farmer.

Ask your baker or butcher about it. It may take a little more time than buying everything at once in the supermarket, but you will find that you will get a lot of satisfaction and pleasure from this.

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5. Local food vs. Vereggistan

The next time you visit the supermarket, take a look at what you put in your shopping cart. Where do the products come from? Can you replace this for more local products from the USA?

By choosing local products, the distance from farmers to the supermarket is reduced – this saves a lot of transport costs. On the website, you can easily view all seasonal vegetables and seasonal fruit per month. Then you know exactly which fruit and vegetables are harvested that month.

6. Nice and easy

Do you find the above tips difficult to implement? Or do you simply not have time or transportation to go to different sellers? Then try to shop as locally as possible in the supermarket. So buy fruit and vegetables locally, eggs from local chickens and bread from the baker who buys his ingredients from the mill.

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