Saving on small household matters works, but structurally reducing your fixed costs is often more effective. But how do you do that?

1. Lowering fixed loads = standing strong together

Things like gas, water, and light will have to decrease, but why pay a lot if this can also be done for less? Here you can check whether you are paying too much.

More and more often we opt for solar panels (the efficiency is getting better) or a collective with which a large amount of electricity or gas is purchased at once from a supplier. As a result, you can spend less money per household on these fixed costs. Is there no collective in your area yet? Then start one yourself.

2. Smart thermostat

If you don’t see much in a collective, but you still want to save or the amount of gas you use, a smart thermostat can be interesting. You only pay an amount once.

Certainly, if you stay in a house for a longer period, you will benefit from it in the long term. By installing an app on your phone, you can switch the heating on, off, higher or lower, so that you never accidentally leave the stove on.

3. Switch to the price per item

A subscription to a newspaper or magazine is fine if you enjoy this, but if you still collect all your news via TV or the internet, I would still cancel the subscription or opt for the online version.

Would you like to read an article now and then? Then  Blendle is a solution. Every day the latest articles from dozens of newspapers and magazines are published here, in which you only pay for what you want to read

Update: nowadays you pay a fixed amount per month at Blende and you get the first month for free.

4. Take risks

Health insurance is mandatory, but in addition to several other essential insurance policies, you do not always need the other insurance policies. By taking out insurance, you buy off a certain uncertainty or risk, but why pay a lot when you can also set aside money for these kinds of risks? Certainly insurance policies that ensure broken or stolen devices can add up.

5. Reduce fixed charges on complete packages

An expensive smartphone subscription, internet, and television for the home. The costs for all these kinds of costs in your household can quickly reach 100 euros per month. A high amount where the necessary costs can be saved.

Many providers offer complete packages. It gives a reduced price if you take TV, internet, and calls from the same provider. You also often get monthly discounts or more data if you take out multiple subscriptions at one home address.

6. Share fixed costs with other households

Subscriptions to streaming services such as Netflix, Disney +, or Spotify have an option to be used by several people at the same time. For example, you can take out a family subscription with Spotify for up to 6 people for 15 euros, which costs you only 2.50 euros per month.

And by extension: more and more companies are offering electric cars or scooters for rent (such as Felix & car2go). By becoming a member of such an organization, you can use an app to grab the scooter or car if you need it and pay per kilometer or per minute that you use. No high costs for road tax or maintenance, just pay for a single ride.

It eventually became an article with various tips. Still, I think these tips will have you cutting your fixed costs a lot. What do you think? Do you have any tips to save on your fixed costs?

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