7 Places That You Forget to Clean Anyway

Many people think that your house is clean after a quick vacuum or Swiffer service. On the surface it may indeed appear clean, but bacteria can collect in the most unexpected places , such as in the freezer or under your mattress. Which of these 7 places do you often forget to clean? Read below how to clean them!

  1. Extractor hoods: remove with the fat!

A cooker hood absorbs cooking odors and attracts fat. If you forget to clean it, it will become clogged, causing the extraction function to deteriorate considerably and your entire kitchen to turn blue during the cooking of a steak. You can put the extractor hood filter in the dishwasher: place it horizontally in the upper part and let the dishwasher run once completely (with only the filter in it). Of course you can’t skip the inside of the hood: remove the fat with a sponge and hot water, then wipe with a damp microfiber cloth and dry with a cotton cloth.

If you don’t have a dishwasher: place the filter in the sink, fill it with a double amount of detergent and hot or boiling water. Soak it for half an hour and then scrub the dirt away with a scouring pad.


  1. Freezer: bacteria do not die from the cold

Many bacteria do not die at the temperatures of a freezer , but only keep hibernation there. Because of this they end up in all corners and holes of the freezer and they can spoil food. Turn the freezer off to clean it, remove the drawers and let it fully defrost. After the freezer has completely thawed, you can kill the bacteria by wiping it off with a cloth soaked in a mixture of half water / half natural vinegar . This means that the bacteria will no longer wake up from their hibernation.


  1. Dishwasher: the perfect breeding ground for mold

Bacteria feel good in the pleasant warmth and humidity of the dishwasher and can cause damage if you do not remove them in time.

First remove all loose parts: racks, lids of the salt and detergent containers and the filter. Then wipe the inside of the entire dishwasher with the soft side of a clean sponge and natural vinegar . Clean the filter with a sponge and washing-up liquid. Then replace all parts and fill the detergent dispenser with natural vinegar. Finally, let the dishwasher run once at the highest temperature.


  1. Tile joints: it makes fungi happy

Shower, sink, toilet and floor: those parts of the bathroom are normally cleaned. You don’t actually think that tile grooves require separate treatment. But mold can develop in those grooves. To combat this you can use Tea Tree oil . It has an antibacterial effect and kills all fungi!

After your normal bathroom cleaning you can do the grooves. Dip a cotton swab into the oil and apply a generous layer to the tile grooves. After half an hour this miracle cure has killed all nasty bacteria and you can take a bath again carefree.


  1. Washing machine: the dirt does not wash away automatically

After washing, the washing drum always looks spotless and smells nice and fresh, but the pipes and other hidden spots are guaranteed to leave soap residue . Because of this, your clothes will come out of the washing machine less fresh after a while than you were used to. To clean your washing machine, proceed as follows: put 50 g of baking soda (also known as baking soda) directly into the washing drum and pour 50 ml of natural vinegar into the large detergent dispenser . Wash your washing machine (without clothes) at 60 ° C. Finish it off by washing the detergent dispenser with warm water and washing-up liquid.


  1. Door handles and remote controls: risk factors that you do not expect

Door handles and remote controls (but also light switches, for example) are touched several times a day , but not nearly as often cleaned as would be necessary. Viruses can survive on such surfaces for a long time. Fight this danger: Pour a dash of natural vinegar on a microfiber cloth and polish everything clean.


  1. The mattress: we never sleep alone …

On average 1.5 million house dust mites live in your bed! So don’t forget to refresh your mattress occasionally. Beat the dust from your mattress with a carpet beater, sprinkle it thoroughly with baking soda (also known as baking soda), let it soak in for a few hours or a whole day, suck in the soda with a vacuum cleaner and put on a new duvet cover. Nothing is as nice as a fresh bed with clean sheets!

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