You can relax in the bedroom and that is why this space must be kept tidy. But how did you tidy up your bedroom quickly, easily and effectively?

1. Discover the right place for a tidy bedroom

Every bedroom is different, so sometimes it is just as good to find suitable – sometimes hidden – storage spaces. A frequently available place is of course under the bed. This is a space that is often not used.

Also, you can hang shelves for more storage space, take an extra-large wardrobe to store more items, or choose a bedside table with extra storage space.

2. To the eye

A tidy bedroom provides peace of mind; by not seeing all those loose groups, there are fewer jammers (ie noise), so you experience more relaxation. Very important for a bedroom.

Therefore, make sure that your bedroom is tidy. That means a made bed, fully pushed curtains and the closed doors of your wardrobe closed. That already saves a lot.

3. Sleeping and separating life

In a living room, you are a lot and you naturally have a lot of clutter: mail, magazines, memo letters, books and so on. In your bedroom, try to avoid this clutter. The bedroom is the room where you only sleep and read much less.

Of course, you can occasionally live a book here and withdraw completely, but the active life does not take place here. This automatically ensures that you have less to clean up in the bedroom.

4. A wardrobe in your bedroom

It was also mentioned in the first tip: a large wardrobe is very important (this is how you tidy up your wardrobe ). It is better to put a few large pieces of furniture in your (bed) room than small, non-functional items and loose clutter everywhere. By choosing a large closet you have enough storage space for clothes, shoes, bed linen, books; you name it.

You can also put some extra bins on the cupboard where you can store seasonal clothing or accessories for extra space.

5. The famous chair

Everyone knows the well-known chair near the wardrobe: clean, dirty, worn and unworn clothing piles up – often on a chair – until everything has been moved from this cupboard to this chair. Do not.

Try to hang everything directly back in the cupboard (as long as it doesn’t stink, of course). That applies to all items in the bedroom. By immediately putting back everything you packed, you prevent your bedroom from becoming one big mess.

Do you often need stuff? Then come up with a handy storage solution for this. For example, I have a basket next to my bed with things I regularly use: a bottle of water, nasal spray, eye mask, and a book that I am currently reading. This way I have everything within reach, without it looking messy.

6. Match the furniture

Tidying up is, of course, a practical activity, but the interior can also be decisive in whether a bedroom looks tidy yes or no. Buying furniture such as a wardrobe, bed, and bedside lamps in the same style immediately give you a calm face. Colors such as light blue, light pink, and white tones help to relax and are therefore ideal for the accessories in the bedroom.

7. Keep your bedroom quiet – no fuss

Although furnishing a bedroom is of course very nice, you have to be strict with yourself: do not choose too much furniture and/or accessories. The bedroom is the space in the house to relax and unwind and that does not work in a busy room. So don’t choose many very extreme lampshades, crazy accessories, or curtains with a crazy, busy print. It is better to put this as an eye-catcher in the living room.

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