A little romance in the bedroom, no one shrinks from that. Therefore, make your bedroom the most romantic place in your home. How do you do this? We give you 7 useful tips.

1. Window coverings in the bedroom

Just like in the living room, the right window coverings have a major influence on the atmosphere in the bedroom. Choose pleated, roller, or hanging curtains and close the half. This way you can still enjoy the last rays of the evening, but you have still brought back the romantic atmosphere in the bedroom.

Another very romantic option is to choose wood panels and attach them to the sides of the windows. As if you are staying in a real French castle.

2. Pastel shades

The use of color for a romantic bedroom is of course very important. Choose soft, pastel shades in combination with (off-white). The wardrobe and bed are often made of wood – these pieces of furniture are very suitable for sanding and then treating with a whitewash. This creates a lovely, dreamy atmosphere in your bedroom.

3. Choose a duvet cover

The bed is the largest and most important piece of furniture in a bedroom, which is why this item deserves some extra attention. Choose a nice duvet cover (like here ) that doesn’t attract too much attention (white always works well in the bedroom) and put a nice bedspread over the foot end, for example, a quilt.

Cover the headboard with different pillows (for example, choose contrasting colors and different materials). This makes your bed a very attractive place to sit down.

4. Fairytale bed

In addition to appropriate bedding, you can make your bed even more romantic. For example, by hanging a beautiful mosquito net from lush tulle in a soft (pastel) color. You drape it (partly) around your bed or bundle it together with a beautiful satin ribbon. A little kitsch is allowed, after all, it is for a good cause: a romantic bedroom.

5. Candles or light cord in the bedroom

You shouldn’t make it a wild evening, but a few candles in your bedroom are an instant mood maker. Alternate different types and sizes of candles and spread them throughout the bedroomFor example, put a few candles on the windowsill or your bedside table. An old-fashioned candlestick for the wall is also very atmospheric. Be careful with the fire safety of course.

Do you prefer a safer mood light instead of burning candles? Nowadays there are plenty of nice light cords for sale that you can hang ( I like these ). For example, by the door or above your bed.

6. Avoid clutter in the bedroom

Those who visit this website regularly know that cleaning is important to feel comfortable in your home. This also applies to the bedroom. Especially when you want optimal romance in this space, you mustn’t have to look at all kinds of junk. A few books or magazines are fine but avoid other clutter. A bedroom is a place where you want to relax, not a place that annoys you with the mess.

7. A little green

Not everyone thinks flowers or plants in the bedroom are a fresh idea, but if you regularly replace fresh flowers and maintain plants well, that shouldn’t be a problem. Choose plants or flowers in soft colors and place them in a cozy place in the bedroom. Or opt for red roses, for those who want to work romantically.

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