Two slices of bread, a lot of ham and two slices of cheese. The ingredients for a classic, delicious sandwich. The classic sandwich is always a pacemaker, but sometimes you just want something more. Or else. These eight healthy sandwich recipes are to die for, so good. You literally lick your fingers at that.

Are you going to make a (healthy) sandwich? Read Culy’s tips for the ultimate sandwich first. Because how do you make the perfect, fully loaded with cheese and crispy on the outside soft on the inside sandwich? We give you tips so that you too can make that delicious sandwich.

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8 healthy sandwich recipes

Indian toast with chicken and naan bread

If you just don’t feel like two slices of bread, then make this recipe for an Indian toast with chicken and naan bread. Too nice to alternate with the classic sandwich.

Sandwich with muscles

It is not for nothing that this sandwich is called ‘sandwich with muscles’. Sidney Schutte, Spectrum’s two-star chef, and Café Cliche made this recipe a few years ago for World Food Day.

The ingredients? Veal liver, green asparagus, and thinly sliced ​​brine. This is a sandwich that you won’t forget!

Reuben sandwich met corned beef

You can make this Reuben sandwich with corned beef with bread, sauerkraut, corned beef, cheese, mayo, and mustard. You don’t need more ingredients, because the combination between these flavors is a taste explosion that you only want more of.

Tosti Caprese

This recipe is so easy that it should hardly be called a recipe – but we do it well. This sandwich is a classic that should not be missing from this list of healthy sandwich recipes.

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Quesadillas with spinach and Serrano ham

Okay, officially quesadillas aren’t sandwiches. But you could see the quesadilla as the Mexican version of the sandwich, so we fully approve it.

These healthy quesadillas are made with spinach, Serrano ham, spring onion, and whole-grain tortillas. Just under the grill, and your Mexican sandwich is ready.

Fresh quesadilla with spinach & ham

And when we are busy with quesadillas: this fresh variant with spinach and ham is also too tasty. By adding sour cream to this dish, it is just a little fresher than the previous healthy sandwich recipe but just as tasty.

Tuna melt In America, the tuna melt, a sandwich with tuna and cheese, is already a true classic.

This sandwich contains many healthy fats and proteins from the canned tuna. Recommended!

Toast with brie, Parma ham and, fig from Nigella Lawson

Whether this recipe really falls under the name ‘healthy sandwich recipes’ is a doubt, but we thought it was too good to share it with you.

This recipe for a ‘slightly less healthy’ sandwich with brie, Parma ham and figs is the ideal comfort food recipe that you can easily put together on a brackish Sunday morning.



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