Do several things at once – does that work? And is it effective to do? Opinions are divided on that, but on busy days I wish I had 4 hands and could run twice as fast. Hence this article with the ideal tips to become a multi-tasker at home.

Multi-tasking due to time constraints

Sometimes I am putting together a meal and I want to get a vacuum cleaner through the house in between. I sometimes find it difficult because why would you want to do so many things at once? You would say you don’t have time for it otherwise, but of course, that’s a bit of nonsense.

Opinions are somewhat divided about multi-tasking. If you google on multi-tasking, multiple blogs that have written about this topic will surface. One thinks that you cannot focus on several things at the same time, while the other says that it can sometimes be done (tasks that are not too complicated).

You have to make time. For yourself, for your friends, the environment, and also for your home if you want it to remain a bit livable. Still, you occasionally find yourself in situations where you have to multi-task to finish everything on time. Don’t worry, with the tips below you will become a rock in situations where these multi-task skills come in handy.

8 tips for multi-tasking at home

  1. Don’t feel like having multiple pans on the fire? Then stack your food on top of each other. While the rice is cooking in the pan, steam the vegetables in a basket on the rice pan. This will save you a pan on the fire and in the dishwasher. Just a little while and you can use a 2-burner stove.
  2. Make a to-do list of things you still want to finish at home. Did you write everything down? Then see if you can combine several things. For example, you can batch all kitchen shops together and clean or fix several things at once.
  3. Technology naturally helps you a lot to do several things at once. While you anti-scale the bathroom, you put your fabulous robot vacuum cleaner to work. This way you can kill several birds with one stone.
  4. I don’t know where the proverb in a hurry is rarely good, but that doesn’t work in this case: hang the duvet to air out the window. This saves you a lot of bed-making hassle and now that the duvet is flowing in the fresh air, you have a good excuse not to make the bed.
  5. Do you need a staircase to wash the windows? That is good because now that you have removed the stairs from the shed, you can nicely remove the spider silk in the ceiling corners.
  6. Bundle multiple small tasks into one. So you can shower the wall with a good solution to make the lime disappear. Or stack several sandwiches on top of each other and cut them in half at the same time for the lunchbox for your children.
  7. For the do-it-yourselfers among us: Leave the drying of the dishes to the circulating air in the house. This will keep your tea towel smelling fresh and everything will dry on its own. The only thing you may want to do is polish the glasses, otherwise, you will get such a dried-up water stain batch on your glasses.
  8. Listen to an interesting audiobook as you go around the house with a vacuum cleaner. Then you also learn something from it.

While constant multitasking doesn’t make you happy, rested, and productive in the long run, it’s sometimes so useful. By the way, be sure to read this article with 11 thoughts that will make you more productive. Do not postpone more, then wanting to do too much in too little time is also less important.

Maria Elenas, a busy mom with 2 young kids, lover of books, travel and great food. Cooking from scratch as simply as possible. Writer, Blogger and Photographer.
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