1. Avoid sneezing fits and other misery

You shouldn’t think about your whole family walking around the house sneezing all the time? Because of all the dust that remains if you do not clean, your breath (partly) these substances. And that is of course not healthy!

Especially if your children or housemates are allergic to dust mites, for example, it is important to clean regularly. But even without allergies, you live better and healthier in a dust-free house.

2. Get rid of the shame

You clean for yourself and your family, but also when (unexpected) visitors come, you want them to come to you in a clean and tidy house. A dirty and cluttered house does not give an organized image, so grab the vacuum cleaner quickly.

Take the vacuum cleaner quickly through the kitchen and living room and wipe all surfaces with a dustpan or wet cloth. Also, don’t forget to clean up; those few messes give a bad impression of your house.

3. Rest in your head

Doing the housework has two advantages: you have a clean house and you can clear your head a bit. By doing chores that you don’t have to think about, you get space in your head for other things.

Try to get zen by giving your house a good cleaning. Put on some nice music, put on comfortable clothes and your mind on zero: bet you feel reborn after an hour of cleaning?

4. Continue and reward

Rewarding always works! Therefore, set yourself a goal. This can be a nice piece of cake after you have cleaned the house, but it can also be done in another way.

Have you completed all household tasks on time every week? Treat yourself, for example, to a nice lunch outside the door. By rewarding yourself, you eventually associate cleaning with something fun, and that is the intention. After a while, you no longer need that reward and a clean house is a reward in itself!

5. Workout

Meetings, bringing children to school, doing the housework and doing sports? You don’t have time for that, I hear you think. But what if you combine these tasks together? Set a timer and make sure you clean your house in a flash. Bet you burn quite a few calories with that?

6. Divide your spaces

Don’t try to clean your entire house at once. You see – quite logically – as a mountain against it. So plan for several, short moments and spend them entirely on the household. By dividing the tasks into pieces, it is much less of a problem to get started.

7. Get started

Remember that you are the only one who experiences the disadvantages of a dirty house. You no longer have clean crockery, your clothes are all waxed and everything you tackle is covered with a layer of fabric. There is a need to change that. So give yourself the proverbial kick under your ass and get to work!

8. Don’t think, but act

Don’t try to think about all the jobs you have to do all the time, just go do it. Zero your mind and get started.

You could have just started all this time thinking about why cleaning is so annoying. Some things in life are not the best thing to do, but they have to be done. This also applies to the household.