On Leukegeit.nl we often quote the use of cleaning schedules. This is of course very handy, but this way of cleaning and tidying does not work for everyone. Therefore, this week handy tips for those who do not like these tight schedules.

1. Choose a fixed moment

A cleaning schedule is, of course, a good way to work in a structured way, but even without a schedule, you can add a certain structure to your household. For example, by planning a fixed time to clean or to always follow a certain sequence of household tasks. This way you don’t need a schedule, but you continue to work with a certain structure.

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2. Get started – clean everything up immediately

A schedule will keep you working and remembering certain tasks. That is of course very positive, but for some, a schedule feels too much like a burden on his or her shoulders.

So if you want to start working with the household without a schedule, try to do as many household tasks as possible right away. This means, for example, that you immediately clean up the toys that lie around if you notice, you immediately go with a cloth over the sink if it is dirty and immediately put the dirty laundry in the machine when the laundry basket is full.

3. Put all tasks on paper and mark them off

A schedule means that certain household chores are done at a certain time by a designated person. If you want to get rid of that, you can use another – structured – way, by making a list per week or month with all the jobs that need to be done. As soon as you or a fellow housemate has done a certain job, the job is crossed off, so everyone knows that this task has been completed.

This way of doing the housework is less ‘strict’ and leaves everyone free to do a job at their own time. If the household chores are not done on Sunday (or another deadline), everyone has to roll up their sleeves and get to work. This way no overdue work remains and your house remain clean and tidy.

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4. Let the strings come out now and then

Although your household, like mine, is less structured, it does not mean that you have to avert all forms of such a household schedule. Sometimes it can help enormously to stick to a schedule, without sticking to it too tightly.

Although the schedule advises you to vacuum on Monday and do the laundry on Thursday, of course, you ultimately decide whether you want to perform this task at that time. So try to see if there are also schedules that work for you or just try to get the usefulness out of a schedule without feeling this as a huge pressure.

5. Find structure

You do not want a schedule and you are not structured. What then? Then you have to make sure you find a certain structure that works for you! Try to discover what works and adjust your cleaning behavior accordingly. Try the checklist, the schedule, or let the tasks run free for a while. At some point, you get a certain routine (see tip 1), and if you keep that you can’t go wrong.

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