Your desk is a place where you arrange important things. The administration is often done at your desk, you have to be able to concentrate on your work and a messy desk looks chaotic. In this article a step-by-step plan for a tidy desk.

Step 1: what can go on your desk?

A desk is often a collection of nonsensical things and papers that you do not always need. So start by selecting what can and should remain for a tidy desk.

Broken pens that no longer work can no longer be used, you no longer need written notebooks with old information and dirty cups can go to the kitchen. Purchase a folder and put all the important papers that you came across during the cleanup, so you keep these papers together.

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Step 2: organize your data

To prevent your desk from being a mess again next week, it is useful to come up with a system that keeps your desk tidy at all times. Buy desk accessories and put all the loose stuff in here.

A tray for pens, trash for junk that can go away immediately, and a tray for letters: one for important things, one for letters and papers that you want to return to later, and one for letters that you have to send. If you stick to this, your desk will stay tidy.

Step 3: clean your desk

You sit at your desk almost every day, so this place quickly gets dirty. It is therefore important that you clean your desk and the environment here. Place a pack of damp wipes next to your computer so that you can take off your keyboard and mouse after a day of work. If you share your workplace with several people, this is an advantage anyway.

Make soapy water once a week and wipe your computer and desktop with it. It is also good to get a vacuum cleaner around your desk at least once a week. Especially when you have lunch at your desk, there are often a lot of crumbs and other dust here.

Step 4: Keep your desk tidy

Now that your desk is tidy and cleaned, you should, of course, keep it that way. So make sure you develop a certain routine. After every working day, clean your computer with accessories with the damp wipes, sort your papers immediately when they come in, and clean your workplace regularly.

This way you keep your desk and environment clean. This way you work much more effectively and if you have a tidy workplace, your head is automatically much tidier. Your boss and your administration will thank you.

Hopefully, this step-by-step plan will help you because a tidy desk is more important than you think. Also, your entire room looks tidier if you have neatly tidy the desk.

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