Hi there! I’m Maria,

a busy mom with four young kids. Amidst all that there is to do with raising four young people and running a home, I prioritize cooking a homemade dinner for my family every night.

How do I do it? Meal planning and prepping ahead. Through trial and error and lots of practice, I’ve figured out how to meal plan week after week and cook simple yet delicious and healthy meals for my family. I learned a lot about planning and organization as an elementary school teacher. The skills I practice as a teacher has become a great asset to me in teaching other busy parents how to get homemade meals on their tables.

I believe you can prepare healthy, homemade meals that your family will love… even when life is busy.

What others are saying:

“We made this tonight. It was delicious! My kids ate well and I loved it too! Thanks for the simple and yummy meal!”

“I made this tonight and the whole family loved it! We all had seconds and it was even good cold. It came together really easily too since it’s one pot and just coarse chopping. We will be having this again soon!”

“I made this last week and it was amazing! It is now going in the meal planning rotation!”

Imagine waking up for the day and having a healthy breakfast ready for you and your kids to enjoy. The kids’ lunchboxes are packed with nutritious, real foods (and the kids even helped pack them!) You have a plan for dinner – and part of the prep work is already done. Your whole family happily eats more fruits and vegetables than you ever thought possible. Sounds like a dream? It doesn’t have to be.

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