Recipe: Cheesecake With White Chocolate And Blueberries

This cake tastes just as good as it looks This cheesecake with white chocolate and blueberries is not only a feast for the eyes. The blueberry and white chocolate go so well together that you prefer to cut another piece. So, for the next birthday, you roll up your sleeves and this cheese cake will […]

Enjoy: French Toast-Oven Dish!

Would you like to make the ideal breakfast? Then try this delicious French toast dish. If you have dry bread left, that’s a good sign. You can make delicious French toast again. You can make this special oven dish very easy and it is really delicious. What do you need? For this recipe you need […]

With These 4 Tips You Bake The Perfect Fried Egg

One shivers, the other eats his fingers. But if you like it, it is almost indispensable in your life: a fried egg! It seems simple, but baking the perfect fried egg is not always easy. If you regularly made mirror eggs, you probably know the frustration. A burnt bottom with a too raw top, or […]

8 Healthy Sandwich Recipes to Alternate The Ham-Cheese Variety

Two slices of bread, a lot of ham and two slices of cheese. The ingredients for a classic, delicious sandwich. The classic sandwich is always a pacemaker, but sometimes you just want something more. Or else. These eight healthy sandwich recipes are to die for , so good. You literally lick your fingers at that. […]

11 Tips to Put The Ultimate Stew on The Table

For one person, a stew without a hit is unthinkable, while others prefer to add a contemporary twist. No matter how you get used to it, stew is a classic that has helped us through quite a few harsh winters. But how do you make the tastiest? With these 11 tips you can put the […]

Fried Bananas With Ice Cream Recipes

Ingredients for 4 people 4 ripe plantains or 4 unripe “normal” bananas lump of butter 2 tablespoons brown sugar vanilla ice cream strawberries,fresh or from the freezer Chocolate sauce Preparation Melt a large knob of butter in a non-stick frying pan. Arrange the bananas in the pan and bake for 5 minutes on both sides. Sprinkle brown sugar over […]

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