5 Tips To Make Your Bedroom Smell Fresh

Your bedroom is the place in the house where you spend the most time. It makes sense that it doesn’t smell so fresh now and then. Check out our handy tips to cover up the musty smell in your bedroom. 1. Musty smelling bedding? No matter how nice a freshly made bed is, sometimes it happens to […]

7 Tips To Make Your Bedroom a Lot More Romantic

A little romance in the bedroom, no one shrinks from that. Therefore, make your bedroom the most romantic place in your home. How do you do this? We give you 7 useful tips. 1. Window coverings in the bedroom Just like in the living room, the right window coverings have a major influence on the atmosphere in the […]

A Clean Household Without A Strict Cleaning Schedule

On Leukegeit.nl we often quote the use of cleaning schedules. This is of course very handy, but this way of cleaning and tidying does not work for everyone. Therefore, this week handy tips for those who do not like these tight schedules. 1. Choose a fixed moment A cleaning schedule is, of course, a good way to work […]

7 Tips For a Tidy Bedroom

You can relax in the bedroom and that is why this space must be kept tidy. But how did you tidy up your bedroom quickly, easily and effectively? 1. Discover the right place for a tidy bedroom Every bedroom is different, so sometimes it is just as good to find suitable – sometimes hidden – storage spaces. A frequently available […]

How To Decorate a House in a Small Budget

Sometimes you are fed up and just want to give your house a new look. DIY, decorating and dressing always costs money, which is why creating a new atmosphere can be a barrier. 18 tips for a nicely decorated house on a small budget. Do it yourself. Craft on a dull Sunday afternoon nice accessories for the […]

12 Tips to Live Greener

A patch of green here and there unconsciously triggers a lot. Are you ready to make some adjustments in your life here and there and make the world a lot more beautiful? Then let’s get started quickly! Living green = happy you Whether you are just starting to think more environmentally conscious or if you have been […]

These 5 Tips You Help Reduce The Plastic Soup

Cleaning the oceans starts at home. So it’s good to start reducing, upcycling and recycling plastic waste at home. Our 5 tips will help you with this! Oceans without plastic Boyan Slat is a hero to me. Almost 5 years ago he made a prototype to remove the plastic from the oceans. Because in the Pacific alone, plastic waste […]

The Best Tips To Lower Your Energy Bill

You probably won’t be busy every day with a lower energy bill. Ultimately, it is nice to spend less money on this. With these tips, the energy meter immediately turns a lot less hard. A lower energy bill In a few years, houses may no longer be built with a gas connection. More and more wind farms […]

The 7 Best Air Purifying Plants You Should Know

Plants not only provide oxygen in the home or office, but they can also purify the air. That means cleaner and fresh air at home. Today I have found 7 air purifying plants for you so that fresh air can flow in through your nose again. NASA research into air-purifying plants Years ago, NASA researched […]

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