Cleaning The Barbecue? Grab an Onion!

Barbecuing? Very nice! Cleaning the barbecue? Rock job! Fortunately we have discovered a trick that makes the job so easy. Namely with an onion!

When you have finished barbecuing, you naturally want to get all your dirty food off your barbecue grill as quickly as possible. This can be a big job unless you tackle it the right way. Our tip? Grab an onion! “Huh? But you still want to get rid of those food scraps and not put them back on? ”We understand your confusion, but this is the trick to getting your barbecue spotless again.

Cheap and natural

There are of course all sorts of cleaning agents especially for the barbecue. But a simple piece of vegetables such as an onion is not only cheaper, but also more natural.

 This is how you clean the barbecue with an onion

The only thing you need for this is a normal, white onion. Cut it in half and scrub with the flat side over the dirty, warm grill and remove all dirt. It is best to first let the grill become super hot to burn off most of the dirt. Then you poke half the onion on a long barbecue fork or stick, so that you cannot burn your hands.

Tip: for extra strong cleaning power you can first spray the grid with lemon or vinegar. Because we all know that they are miracle remedies. Take a look here and here!

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