It is, of course, important that you thoroughly clean the inside of your oven. But you shouldn’t forget buttons: use this step-by-step plan for a perfect result!

Bacteria can be found on a large scale in the home. For example, we sit at the doorknobs every day, but you can also flush the toilet for example. Then we haven’t even talked about your oven. The oven knobs are also not exactly free of bacteria and therefore it is also important to clean them regularly. In this way, you can easily remove dirt.


It is difficult to properly clean oven knobs. If you think you have the oven knobs clean, there is always a part that is dirty. For example, do you look at the back? Then there is certainly a bit of mess. So it is more difficult to clean than you think. How can you clean these oven knobs as well as possible? Follow the step-by-step plan below.

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Steps to clean oven knobs

Do you want to clean your oven’s knobs perfectly? Then follow this handy step-by-step plan. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for use in advance. You have to know for sure whether the buttons are dishwasher safe. And can you remove the buttons at all, for example?

If possible, you can remove the knobs from the oven. Carefully pry off the knobs so that you do not damage anything. Put the buttons in the top rack in the dishwasher. The hot water in the dishwasher will ensure that all the dirt is washed off the buttons.

Do you not have a dishwasher at home? Or are the buttons not allowed in the dishwasher? Then you can also immerse the knobs for an hour in a container with hot water and washing up liquid. Is there a lot of fat registered? Then you can also add baking soda to the container. That will give an optimum result.

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