Some people never clean their washing machine at all. How often do you actually clean yours and how do you do this?

Cleaning the washing machine sounds a bit strange to some people. After all, doesn’t this machine clean itself? Of course it cleans your clothes, but it is also important to regularly clean the device. Your washing machine simply also needs cleaning.

Failure to clean your washing machine can cause smelly laundry. Lime deposits, dirt and caked-on soap residue are created, among other things. Do you never ever clean your washing machine? Then you will soon find yourself running into problems. Your laundry will be less clean and it will stink. Ultimately, your washing machine can even fail.

But how do you actually clean your washing machine? And how often does this have to be? According to experts, it is important to clean your washing machine once a month. Do you want a maximum result? Then clean your washing machine twice a month.

Washing machine cleaning tips

Do you want to clean the washing machine? Then here are some handy cleaning tips:

Make sure you clean the rubber band. This usually has a gray scale, which mainly consists of hair, body fats or skin flakes. Also there are usually residues of fabric softener and detergent present in this edge. Therefore make sure that you clean this well. This is possible with the help of soapy water and a kitchen towel.

At the bottom of the washing machine is a soap dish. This bowl is actually getting smaller, because it is getting fuller with soap scum. It is therefore advisable to clean this container regularly.

It is important that you regularly clean the drum. You would think that it is always clean, but nothing could be further from the truth. Therefore, let the washing machine run once or twice a month at 90 degrees Celsius. Do not add detergent to the washing machine, but add a dash of cleaning vinegar. That will ensure that all bacteria are killed.

Finally, it is important to clean the door. The inside, in particular, can get very dirty. With the help of soapy water and a kitchen towel, you can clean them very easily. This prevents mould and musty odours.

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