Sometimes you are fed up and just want to give your house a new look. DIY, decorating and dressing always costs money, which is why creating a new atmosphere can be a barrier.

18 tips for a nicely decorated house on a small budget.

  1. Do it yourself. Craft on a dull Sunday afternoon nice accessories for the home.
  2. From exchange comes .. Crying! Or not? Swap decoration that you are tired of with a sister, girlfriend, niece, and get nice new things in return.
  3. Go to the thrift store, you often come across the nicest (retro) home accessories here.
  4. Do you have no inspiration? There are often free magazines with different living ideas at home stores and hardware stores. Do we bet you will come up with nice ideas very quickly?
  5. A floor gives a house a lot of atmosphere and character, but a new floor is quite expensive. You solve this with a nice rug, for example, a (fake) cowhide.
  6. How about all the beauty that nature has to offer? Decorate a bowl with flowers, twigs, or other seasonal decorations.
  7. Reuse! Easter, Christmas, Sinterklaas: these festivals come back every year. Why not recycle your decorations?
  8. Buy your accessories in a style. This way you don’t have to change a lot at home in one go, but you can create a cozy atmosphere with just a few items.
  9. A new wallpaper is nice, but it is expensive and takes a lot of time. Buy a nice wall sticker: this will make your bare wall look nicer immediately (and it is much cheaper!).
  10. You can also give your house a different look for free. Shift furniture or change things and you get a completely different atmosphere.
  11. By draping a nice rug or plaid over your sofa, you get a completely different effect, without any extra costs (for example from a new sofa).
  12. A coat of paint works wonders. Dull white tables can be painted in a cheerful color in no time. You can often find cheap paint at household shops.
  13. A fresh bunch of flowers in your home will give your home a fresh look, but a few bunches of flowers every week cost a lot of money. Choose a beautiful plant with flowers that will last longer and are therefore cheaper.
  14. Hang up a magnetic or pinboard and pin all nice pictures, pictures or texts on it. You can easily print it and replace it for something else.
  15. Some items you need, but can also be used for decoration. How about magazines, storage boxes, or books?
  16. Your bedroom is a place where you want to relax, but it’s nice to dress it up a bit. Buy a clothes rack and hang your most beautiful items on it. This looks stylish and is functional.
  17. What could be better than personal home accessories? Collect (old) family photos and put them in beautiful photo frames: decoration with a story.
  18. Less is more! The fewer accessories you have, the calmer your interior becomes. And cheaper: because you need much less stuff!

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