Decorating a house can cost a lot of money. How can you furnish your home in a nice and cozy way with little money? Today six useful tips.

1. Second hand deserves a chance

Give second-hand a chance when decorating your home. On Marktplaats, flea markets, various giveaway groups on Facebook, or at a thrift store you often find the best items for next to nothing. Sometimes you need to redecorate the furniture a bit (read: sanding, painting, perhaps re-covering ), but often you will find pearls that can be ready-made in your house.

Not only is it an inexpensive way to decorate your home, but the items are also likely to be a lot more unique.

2. Borrow or rent home accessories

You may think, “Do I have to borrow money to furnish my house?”. No, that’s not what I mean. Nowadays you can also borrow as with the library with home accessories, namely from the local art library.

It works like this: you pay a fixed amount per month or per year and for that, you can choose an X number of times a year. This can vary from painting to visual artworks. This way you always have a unique home accessory and you only pay a few euros. If you have become a fan of an item, and have saved enough, there is also the option to actually buy the painting or image.

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3. Decorate your home in a minimalistic way

The well-known proverb less is more also applies to the design of your home. A crowded house with all kinds of small furniture and trinkets is often cluttered and restlessAnd that is the last thing you want.

After all, your home is a place to rest and so it is the power to decorate your home in a minimalistic way. Good for rest at home, but also for your wallet. So it is better to invest in a few larger pieces of furniture than all small ones.

4. Hunting for pearls

What is an old and dusty sofa for one is a true throne for another. You will be surprised by what people put in bulky waste. Therefore, find out on which days in your neighborhood or city the bulky waste is collected and take a tour in the morning.

Not for shame though. You can assume that all items along the side of the road will otherwise simply be brought to a landfill. Or someone else is just ahead of you.

5. Look and compare yourself

That beautiful sofa, that wooden table or that comfortable bed – the folders and the internet are full of great offers. One even more beautiful than the other. Furniture makers often advertise with great offers, but the actual discount is not that bad (or should I say, disappointing).

Therefore, compare different shops and their prices and do not be tempted by beautiful advertisements. Count out your winnings.

6. Renovate your house yourself

Decorating a house with little money is more than just picking out furniture and arranging it in a beautiful arrangement. Sometimes the kitchen or bathroom also needs to be replaced.

Hiring a handyman to do a renovation is easy, but doing it yourself is, of course, a lot cheaper. Read well in – like our 5 tips to keep your renovation under control – and watch some videos on YouTube to gain the necessary knowledge.

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