The seasons change and with that the content of our wardrobe. Thick winter coats can be stored and summer dresses can be put back in the closet. But how do you properly store clothes and shoes? Read our 5 indispensable tips quickly!

1. Nice and airy

What is important when cleaning clothes and shoes is that they don’t get stale. Because who likes to walk past someone who smells like a stale coffee pad? You prevent musty smelling clothes by providing them with enough fresh air.

So it is not wise to store everything in a box with a closing lid. Make holes in the lid if necessary, or leave the lid off.

What is also useful when cleaning clothes, is to use cloth bags. You can easily unfold it and slide it under your bed or sofa. The breathable fabric gives the clothes enough breath so that the pieces will not smell musty.

2. Hip fancy clothes

Special evening dresses, a tailored suit or perhaps a wedding dress: often expensive clothes that you want to keep as long as possible. It is best to hang these fancy clothing in a special clothing bag. These bags are often attached to a clothes hanger, so you can store them well.

Try not to fold your most fancy clothes, this will cause folds that are sometimes difficult to get rid of. Highly annoying.

If your gala clothes are very fragile, you can buy a mannequin and put the dress on the mannequin. This way you can be sure that it will keep the right shape. Ideal.

3. Let your shoes breathe

When storing your shoes, do not choose a damp room, but keep shoes in a dry room. Give your shoe room to breathe by putting them in an open closet.

Would you rather not look at it? Then keep your shoes in a cloth bag. You often get these when you buy a pair of shoes (or they want to sell you everything with them). This way your shoes will stay beautiful in color and they won’t stink.

Always try to use a boot tensioner in (high) boots; this prevents the boot from collapsing around the ankle, which makes the leather ugly. You can also fill shoes without a shaft with special shoe trees. This prevents the shoe from collapsing when you are not wearing it.

4. Underwear

A lot of underwear is difficult to store because it is often so small. It is, therefore, useful to store boxers, briefs, socks, and tights inboxes. Place the bins in a chest of drawers and put a ‘kind’ of underwear in each bin; so briefs with the briefs, socks with socks, and so on.

For the women among us: it is best to put bras down. This way the cup retains its shape and the bra straps do not stretch.

5. Coats

Coats – and especially winter coats – take up a lot of space. To prevent the coat rack from becoming one large coat collection in the hallway, it is useful to store it. You can safely hang winter coats in the summer, just like summer coats in winter.

Let each family member hang a maximum of one or two coats on the general coat rack, the rest must be stored. You can hang old coats in the garage or shed because they are old and often dirty. Winter coats are best stored in a bag that can be vacuumed; this takes up the least space. You can hang summer coats in your regular wardrobe (possibly in a clothing bag).

Any more tips for tidying up your wardrobe?

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