No Point in Cleaning – 6 Practical Tips to Get Started

Don’t feel like cleaning the house? Or to clean up all that mess behind you? Yet the end result is very nice! How do you feel like starting the household? We have 6 practical tips ready for you! 1. Divide cleaning tasks Cleaning a whole day, that does not make anyone happy. And it’s hard to find motivation for a […]

4 Tips Clean Your House Without Losing The Weekend

Friday afternoon at 5:00 pm – you close the door of your workplace behind you and want to start a wonderfully quiet weekend. But yes, the household is not done by itself. Or is it? After reading this article you do not have to clean on the weekend. 1. Get started right away On Monday you will […]

Clean Up Checklist – Clean Up Your Room In 10 Minutes

A tidy room ensures less chaos, clarity and more peace of mind. The clean-up checklist in this article is going to help you clean up a room in the house in just 10 minutes. After minimizing chaos at home again? This clean-up checklist is going to help you There is a good chance that you have encountered […]

13 Ways To Get Yourself Cleaning

Of course, making sense of the household applies to few people. For those who really do not feel like it at all, we have thirteen tips to get started on that household. Set a goal for yourself. For example, take a cup of coffee after every cleaned room or reward yourself with a nice lunch after a […]

6 Tips For More Space In Your Wardrobe

Everyone wants more space in your wardrobe. Because more space provides a better overview and more space for clothes that you really like and wear regularly. Today I give you 6 useful tips for more space in your wardrobe. 1. More spacious in length and width Wardrobes come in different shapes and sizes, but not all of […]

8 Ways to Get Your Household Motivation Back

The household is an ongoing activity. It never ends! Sometimes you leave things for a while, but it stays there. How do you find the motivation to get back to work? Our eight tips will help you with that! 1. Avoid sneezing fits and other misery You shouldn’t think about your whole family walking around the house sneezing all […]

7 Surprising Ways To Get More Space In Your Home

Are you looking for more space in your home? In this article, you will read 7 surprising ideas that will help you create more space in your home. For a nice free and tidy feeling. Create more space Do you not live too big, is there little daylight or do you just have the necessary items at […]

How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets?

A creative chart that cannot handle junk. That’s the best way to describe me. When I’m in a creative process it can become one big mess. I need everything and I prefer to have everything at hand to keep going. At the same time, I am also slightly quite autistic and I get annoyed with all the junk. It simply […]

22 Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

Convenient Kitchen Design Cooking is fun, especially when nothing gets in your way. Make sure that your kitchen is neat and tidy as much as possible. Also, keep your counter as empty as possible so that you have a workspace. A kitchen cupboard that is full of stuff. You have no overview at all. Items are past the date […]

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