Good planning is an art, especially if you have a busy household and have to take into account the agendas of your family members. In many families, there is a calendar on the fridge, loose notes on the table, and notes on the bulletin board. The household also bumps a bit behind it. If you want more peace of mind, Vivianne gives you useful tips!

The home planner calendar

It was so confusing at our home, it drove us crazy. Until I realized that there had to be one fixed point where we could put all the information; a balanced system for appointments and keeping the household. That became this calendar. We can put everything on that; our appointments, cooking planning, chores, memos, groceries.

On the cleaning schedule, I can keep track of exactly when I have to do household chores. I keep my appointments in the matching Organizing Agenda. That gives peace. Do you also want more peace of mind? Then I have a few tips.

1. Write everything down

We write down as much as possible: appointments for all family members, when the dog must have flea repellent again and also all household chores that are not part of the weekly cleaning routine, such as ‘descaling the kettle’ or ‘clearing the shed’. Also, maintenance jobs, return dates for library books, garden jobs, and other not-to-be-forgotten things. I made handy stickers for this.

If you have young children, read the school notes during the two minutes you use to open the mail and immediately write down important appointments and dates in your agenda and on the calendar. Older children can, of course, put appointments on the calendar themselves.

2. Plan your household at set times

Routine also gives peace of mind; so plan everything on fixed days. This can be done with the groceries (every Saturday) at the household (washing on Monday and Friday), but also with the pedicure (every six weeks on Thursday evening). Put it on the calendar, and you don’t have to think about it anymore. If you always do something at the same time and in the same way, chances of you forgetting it are small and planning the household is a lot better.

It is also clear to everyone in the house if, for example, the laundry, the ironing, the groceries, and the cleaning take place on fixed days. Then everyone can wash their clothes in time, complete the shopping list and clear the floor. But one of the biggest advantages is that you save time with itFor example, you no longer have to go back to the supermarket three times to get forgotten groceries. And cleaning is also a lot faster if you do it regularly.

3. Do it together

The most important thing about the weekly planner is that you can go through it with your partner and the children. Preferably do this at a fixed time, for example, Sunday evening. Now is the time to discuss what’s going on. Involve the children in the things that are going to happen in the coming week, even when they are still small.

Also, look back to the week before and discuss whether everything went according to plan. Can the housekeeping plan better, is the schedule feasible? Is everyone happy? This way you keep an overview together.

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