Things that cause restlessness in your head – such as an overcrowded house or high fixed costs – can be quite worrying. As far as I am concerned, it’s time to get these 4 things out of your house.

1. Get rid of energy guzzlers

If another cake is baked in the oven, I am very happy with my oven. The disadvantage of the oven is that it is very wide. At 90 centimeters, it is very present in the kitchen.

A few years ago, I wanted the largest possible stove with the corresponding oven. Nice and spacious for all the pans I wanted to put on the fire and the three cakes I wanted to bake at the same time. That, of course, turned out to be an illusion.

Because although I enjoy using my oven, it turns out in practice that I usually bake one cake, pizza or casserole at a time and that there are at most two or three pans on the fire instead of five.

And every time an oven is on, it costs power. Depending on the energy label, one model is more economical than the other. A friend of mine calculated (with a very mathematical formula) that in terms of electricity consumption it does not matter whether you have a large or small oven. It’s all about whether the oven is properly insulated – this is reflected in the energy label. My oven has an energy label B, so there is a need to improve.

Energy-guzzling and poorly insulated appliances cost a lot of money. So check carefully whether you want to use the device or whether it is time for a more economical model.

It is the same with every energy-guzzling device in the house. Which device is in your house, whether it is too big, nonsensical, etc. – and therefore unnecessary?

2. Deletion of odds and ends

I’ve talked more about minimizing at home. You tackle the ‘minimize house’ project a few times and then you can go into maintenance mode. If you notice that all kinds of knickknacks are lying around in your house again, then it is time to block another hour in your agenda to clean the ship.

  • Get rid of products in your kitchen cabinet that you no longer use. Google ‘recipe + product name’ and you are guaranteed to find a recipe with it. This way you don’t waste food and challenge yourself to make something new.
  • Papers, letters, cards in the old paper bin or storage if you still want to keep them.
  • Fill a closet or large box with items that will no longer make you happy. Take this cupboard to the thrift store, go to a flea market, or send a photo of all the products in the neighborhood app. Surely there is someone you can make happy with this.
  • As you know I love cooking and I used to have way too many kitchen stuff. Now the average person will still think that I have a lot of stuff, but at least it is considerably less than a few years ago. The article minimizing your kitchen stuff came in very handy.

Remember that every additional device in the house takes up space. It is not the goal to fill every cupboard, space, or drawer in the house, but rather to create more peace in your head and your house. With less stuff.

And besides:

a house with less stuff means less time cleaning your house. A win-win situation.

3. Say goodbye to your bad habits

Bad habits are things that are perhaps the most difficult to get started with. For example, perhaps you have the habit of gambling online at the end of the afternoon, or do you want to buy an expensive cake from the bakery every day? Calculate how much money these bad habits will make you if you stop doing this.

From this money, you better buy sportswear and start running. The sportswear requires a small investment, but after that, it is free to do. Are you in poor condition? Then just start small, walk around the neighborhood and expand it further and further. I like to run at least 6.5 km at least once a week and I notice that I am building up more fitness.

4. Eliminate unnecessary expenditure

We live in a society that is all about consumption. It is sometimes difficult to get away from it because it often goes by itself. Just get a coffee at the station or put a new shirt in your online shopping basket, because you have nothing to do in the evening.

Every expenditure you make – small or large – is an assessment of your savings. Do you want to spend less money? Then it is smart not to be influenced by all the offers in the stores, but by imposing a spending limit on yourself.

A piggy bank that you better keep well filled, leaving you with more money to pay off outstanding debts, can save for a large expenditure or perhaps stop working sooner.

Buy only what you need

What do you need? There is, of course, a discussion about that, but for me, it applies that I mainly spend on consumables. So the groceries, toiletries, things like that. And I sometimes buy new clothes, but I try to avoid impulse purchases as much as possibleNot always good for the companies, but good for my wallet and the environment.

I hope the tips in the article will help you cut things out of your house and your life. Do you have any tips, suggestions, or ideas that are even better to delete? Let me know in a comment below!

Maria Elenas, a busy mom with 2 young kids, lover of books, travel and great food. Cooking from scratch as simply as possible. Writer, Blogger and Photographer.
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