Does opening your wallet feel like cutting out a bag of onions for an onion soup for 20 people? Then it’s time to get started with our refreshing tips for saving money!

10 tips to save money

Saving ten euros here and there on your monthly payments seems to be a feasible goal for most people. Some people are so financially short of cash that it seems almost impossible to keep the money. Still, I think that if you get started with the tips below, you will get inspiration and maybe even see the possibilities to save some money here and there on your monthly expenses.

Look – saving money is a goal, you should take the steps yourself to achieve this. Hence the tips below to get started yourself.

These tips work very well for me personally. Hopefully, it can help you too!

  1. Put yourself on a money diet. Not fun, but nice and effective. Pina fixed amount every week that you want to spend and don’t spend more money. Tip: pin a little less money than you normally spend weekly, which ultimately ensures that you have more money left over.
  2. Say red to your bank. Contact the bank and indicate that you no longer want to be in the red. You pay a high amount of interest and that costs you a lot of money.
  3. Give yourself an occasional fun outing such as a day at an amusement park. I think it is counterproductive if you don’t allow yourself anything anymore. If you always have to bite, then the motivation is hard to get started. Lubricate the sandwiches yourself and of course, always check whether you can find a discount code in advance. There are also a lot of cheap outings to be found (such as an afternoon at the playground, visiting a free festival or going for a wildlife picking nearby).
  4. Pay yourself first and put the rest in the savings account.  Make sure you can put away as much money as possible. And live that month from the amount that remains. If you want to save money, this is a simple tip to apply.
  5. Save on your bank costs. You have probably been with the same bank for years and you pay costs for this every month. By switching to a cheaper bank account you can save a lot on your bank costs. For example, there is N26 – a German bank (similar to ). Banking can only be arranged through their free app, which is no problem for me.
  6. piece of fruit still costs less than a pack of cookies and makes you feel more full. So choose more often unprocessed food in the supermarket.
  7. It is not the easiest tip, but it is certainly the most effective one: make a financial overviewIn this previously published article, you can download a free Excel file and list your income and expenditure side by side. This gives you an overview of how your finances are doing.
  8. How much money do you spend monthly? Open your bank’s app and see how many debits were made in one month. In many cases, it is small and unnecessary debit card transactions from a cup of coffee in the city or a sandwich at the bakery because I did not feel like making lunch. See if you can remember and if the release was really necessary.
  9. Live below your stand.  Many people spend more money than they earn or exactly as much as they earn. How do you manage to save more money? By living economically of course and by going through our savings checklist.
  10. Remember that fresh food is still cheaper than a ready meal. A frozen meal, a salad or a steam meal in the supermarket quickly costs 5-6 euros each. Preparing a healthy meal yourself costs much less and does not have to take much time.

Can you do something with the tips above? Keeping money is sometimes in small things. I was shocked at how many small amounts I paid at the supermarket. This was mainly for a fresh sandwich or croissant for lunch. And that while there was just enough food in the house. Be sure to leave a comment where you think you can save.

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