This is How You Organize a BBQ Party

The weather is nice and you feel like a party. Why not organize a barbecue in the garden? Here are some tips to make it the most beautiful party.

Look, for the best parties you really only need food, drinks and good friends. But unpacking once is not wrong. You will not miss anything with these tips. Party!

Prepare well

To have no stress but to go for an extensive barbecue menu, you have to plan well. Choose some tasty recipes and start a few days in advance with the things that can already be done. Such as marinating the meat. Or cutting all kinds of vegetables. This way you only have to prepare the meat during the barbecue itself.

Choose a theme

Go crazy and choose a theme! It is not only about the decoration, but also about the food itself. How about a beach theme? Or a typical American barbecue. Maybe Mexican … German … or a maritime theme?

The decoration

Where we come to the decoration. These can be cushions, candles and crockery in the colors and style of the theme. Think of blankets for when it gets cooler, lanterns, torches, a paper ball garland or a lamp garland. Lay large seat cushions in the grass where people can lounge.

Go for plastic

To save yourself a lot of dishes, do not choose your usual crockery, but buy plastic plates, cutlery and cups. Not only does it save you a lot of work, but it also prevents any shards in the garden.

 Share together

Instead of making all the food yourself, you can also choose to take care of the meat and let the guests take the rest with you. Ask everyone to bring something: a salad, baguette, homemade lemonade, some tasty dressings or maybe ice cream or cake. Collect everything on one large garden table and let the guests themselves fill their plates.


How nice is it to put some homemade drinks in addition to beer, wine and soft drinks? Make your own lemon lemonade or put fruit jugs with ice cubes and lemon, mint or orange. Or make your most delicious sangria or non-alcoholic cocktail!

And … music!

Music from boxes will make your party extra fun. Go for swinging summer hits or delicious lounge numbers.

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