One shiver, the other eats his fingers. But if you like it, it is almost indispensable in your life: a fried egg! It seems simple, but baking the perfect fried egg is not always easy.

If you regularly made mirror eggs, you probably know the frustration. A burnt bottom with a too raw top, or a yolk that can be cooked through. Those times are over! With these tips, you put the perfect fried egg on the table.

  1. The correct temperature

If you bake a fried egg, it is important that the yolk stays soft and the egg white is cooked. This is best achieved if you heat the pan to a medium temperature.

So no piping hot pan, but so hot that the protein already partially coagulates when you put the egg in it.

This is best achieved by heating your pan over low heat. He doesn’t get too hot like that.

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  1. Enough butter or oil

To bake the perfect fried egg, it is absolutely essential that it does not stick to the pan. You want to keep the whole fried egg whole and not make it a scrambled egg.

So use enough butter or oil in your pan and heat it to a medium temperature. Using butter is easiest to estimate. When the butter starts to foam slightly, you can put the egg in it.

  1. Salt and pepper

Salt and pepper are key for baking a delicious fried egg. When you have put the egg in the pan, season it with some salt and pepper.

You can also add other herbs

  1. Water vapor for perfect cooking

This is the tip to get your egg cooked perfectly. If the fried egg is splashing, add a little splash of water to the pan.

Then cover the pan with a lid and let it simmer for a while. Water vapor will now form in the pan. This ensures that your protein is nicely cooked, but the yolk is still soft!

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