With the necessary tools, you can turn your home into a smart home. In this article, I would like to share 4 devices that will help you with this. Everything for more comfort and convenience, as long as your privacy is guaranteed.

More comfort thanks to a smart home

A smart home will help you with more comfort and convenience at home. Or so I think about it. Not everyone is happy with the arrival of a smart home. I understand that too because there are still all kinds of questions or doubts about the privacy and usefulness of these types of devices. Particularly with devices that require a camera (such as a smart doorbell or robot vacuum cleaner), I still have my doubts about privacy.

Nevertheless, I am convinced that many smart devices will help life in the house. See which 4 devices will make your home a smart home.

1. Smart curtains

Curtains that open and close automatically. That has always been a dream of mine. Just like a television lift that miraculously conjures up or even makes your TV disappear.

Chances are I somewhat romanticize it all, but how nice is it when the curtains automatically went up an hour before the alarm in the morning. Then I can wake up quietly with the daylight that is brought in.

There are already several companies that offer smart curtains, but there was not yet an affordable alternative. In any case, Ikea will soon be selling smart blinds that you can control with voice control, remote control, or with your phone. Varying in price between 119 euros (translucent) and 149 euros (blackout).

2. Smart lamps – control with voice control or telephone

Smart lamps have been on the market for some time. As far as I am concerned, Philips is one of the best on the market with its HUE lamps. Hue lamps are not the cheapest smart lamps ( a starter kit is available from 159 euros ), but they have a very good color intensity. You can create your lighting scenarios, connect the lamps to your smart washing machine, or connect the lamps to your Ambilight television – but I am guaranteed to get epilepsy from that.

You can operate the smart lamps without any hassle. You can just plug in the smart LED light and it works. The lamps can then be operated with your phone or tablet – or with the remote control that you can buy separately.

3. Smart thermostat

A smart thermostat deals smarter with heating your home. Traditional thermostats measure the temperature and control the boiler at a temperature that you set manually. A smart thermostat is connected to your home network, so you can remotely control the thermostat via your phone. You can conveniently set or adjust a weekly schedule here when necessary (for example when you go on holiday).

I do not (yet) have a smart thermostat, but several friends and family do have one. A big advantage of a smart thermostat is that most are self-learning – based on previous data, the thermostat learns what your desired temperature is.

Another interesting feature is that most smart thermostats can be connected with the free IFTTT app. This allows you to automate certain preferences. As:

  • Lower the temperature if my phone is more than 300 meters from the house.
  • Or turn on the thermostat half an hour earlier if it drops below freezing at night.

4. Smart speaker

A smart speaker looks like a modern speaker. The device allows you to perform certain things with your voice.

Some things you can ask your smart speaker :

  • Switch all lamps on / off or in a specific lighting scenario
  • Play a specific playlist on Spotify
  • Have certain products put on your shopping list
  • You can look up certain things on the web
  • Managing smart devices (like later with your smart curtains)
  • Turn your heating up or down
  • Set an alarm etc.

A smart speaker is a kind of digital assistant. A system that gives you assignments and that will do these things for you.

In addition to a smart thermostat, smart speaker, and smart lamps, there are many more smart devices. Think of devices such as a smart doorbell, smart locks, robot vacuum cleaner, washing machines, printer, security cameras, refrigerator, etc. Many of these devices are also smart and can predict how much energy you will use or recognize the person who rings the doorbell at your home.

A smart home may initially cost a bit more money to purchase, but ultimately you can also save a lot. And if you have bought a few smart devices for the home, some solutions are very nice. See which smart device appeals to you and judge for yourself whether it is something that will simplify your life.

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